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Best Black Friday Deals of ’13

#10 Samsung Galaxy S4 This beautiful smartphone is going to be marked down from $199 to $99.  Which is a pretty amazing deal, that is, if you’re looking to sign a new contract after your current one is up.  The same thing goes for almost all smartphone deals; you have to sign a contract to…


Looking For Quick and Safe Weight Loss? Consider a Low

Everywhere you look these days, there is a new diet on the m...

Top 4 of the Best Protein Powder

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Online Breakup Fails

#11 Xbox vs. Girlfriend As an ex-gaming fanatic I do realize what it’s like been the mind of a gamer and I can assure you that they think about nothing but completing and starting games.

Tattoo Fails

#12 Perfect Sentence If you’re going to have a quote written...

Epic Selfie Fails

#15 You Fancy Huh What do you get when you mix a hot girl, a...