Most Badass Cars in GTA V

I’ve been playing GTA V for quite some time, and I think that with numerous vehicles which are now available, this game just keeps on getter better and better. So what type of automobiles will we be stealing this time? Driving through Los Santos has never been this fun before. Imagine the thrill and excitement that any ordinary gamer can experience while manning their vehicle and recklessly driving through the streets and beyond!

#8 BMW 328i Cabrio

Many gamers believe that nothing beats good old German automobile makers. Well, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but I have to agree that this well-regarded BMW 328i has the finest technology features that every gamer definitely wants. The safety features consist of tail-lights that can glow even brighter. Now, here’s the latest feature – Dynamic Cruise Control. It can automatically adjust the speed and provides extra comfort, too. Oh, you’d really love the car’s HD radio support.